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I am a Travel Agent that helps busy families, couples and groups, plan their dream vacation to Caribbean, Mexican & European destinations, as well as cruising around the world.  I take care of every single detail of their vacation planning process, from researching to finding the best deals possible, so they can simply enjoy themselves and have the best experience possible.

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About Me

I am Elizabeth Delgado, a Travel Agent that focuses on helping busy families, couples and groups plan their dream vacation to Caribbean and Mexican destinations, as well as cruising around the world. My philosophy is:


Everyone deserves to take a vacation, no matter how big or small, and it must be a memorable one.


Since I was not able to go on a yearly vacations during my childhood, I always wondered what it would be like to visit all of the amazing places I would see in movies and TV. So, when adulthood came, I decided it was time to stop wishing I would visit these places and time to start DOING it.


Planning amazing trips for friends and family, just wasn’t enough for me, I needed to do more. My love for traveling was so great that I decided to use my great skills at trip planning and logistics, thanks to my 20+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant, plus my incredible passion for traveling, and turn it into a career as a Travel Agent.  Establishing a small business from something that I actually LOVE, gives me an immense satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.


Just as I was able to turn my traveling dreams into a reality, it gives me great pleasure, and satisfaction, to make memorable travel dreams possible, in incredible destinations, for all of my clients and their loved ones. The time of making those travel dreams come true is NOW.


The best way I help my clients is by just handling everything in their vacation planning process. I take care of the hassle of doing all of the research and planning, saving my client many hours of their priceless time. I can create personalized itineraries, based on the client’s needs, and handle all reservations that are required.  Lastly, but not least,  I simply love scrolling through my supplier websites for Travel Agents searching for great deals, deals that are only available to us Travel Agents.  You can stay up to date with all of the latest promotions, get free destination newsletters, travel tips and more, by subscribing to my email list here.


Whether you’re traveling alone, with your partner, a group of friends or the whole family, you can leave it all up to me. The only thing you will have to do is decide where you are going and what you will be packing! 😉 If you’re interested in scheduling a complimentary Vacation Planning Session, where we can discuss your plans and expectations, feel free to book a meeting at the time that is most convenient for you by clicking the Book Some Time button below.

Where I've Been .... and still plenty left to see ....

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