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Our Process & Fees


Step #1- Schedule a Vacation Planning Session (Call)


We will schedule a Vacation Planning Session call, at your convenience, to discuss what travel needs and expectations you have for your trip.  During this call:


  1. We will provide some recommendations for your trip, based on the information we gather from you;

  2. We will suggest the best Travel Planning Package that will fit your needs;

  3. We will discuss the fees applicable to the travel planning package of your selection.


This information will help us know if we are a good match to work with each other and if I can be of assistance.


Step #2 - Sign Client Engagement Letter


After our Vacation Planning Session call, and if you are seriously interested in engaging our travel planning services, we will send you a "Client Engagement Letter" (CEL).


This Client Engagement Letter will describe the services we will provide throughout your vacation planning process and during your vacation time, based on the Travel Planning Package you've selected. It will also confirm the cost of your Travel Planning Package and the different types of payment methods available for you to submit payment.


After you have reviewed and agreed with the CEL, you will electronically sign it and return it to us. You will then receive an invoice for the Travel Planning Package you selected and options to submit payment.

Step #3 - Research and Planning Begins


Once your signed Client Engagement Letter has been received, as well as the payment of the fees for the service package you have selected, we will begin the necessary research with all applicable suppliers, to create a proposal that will fulfill all your travel needs. This process could take up to seven (7) days approximately, depending on how many proposals have to be created and how many amenities or services are needed for each. 


Step #4 - Review, Approve & Book your Trip


Once you receive, review, and approve the proposal that works best for you, we will send you an invoice with a credit card authorization for any deposit or full payment that may be required by the suppliers you will be using. We will then proceed to book with the corresponding suppliers, as well as make any reservations that are needed to complete your travel itinerary.


Step #5 - Confirmations go Out


Once all your bookings and reservations are done, we will send you via email an updated itinerary that will include all confirmation numbers and/or any information you may need during your trip.



Why Charge a Travel Planning Package Fee?


At Never Stop Packing Travel LLC, our planning fees are not just a charge but a reflection of the value we bring to your travel experience. These fees enables us to dedicate time and resources to meticulously plan your journey, ensuring it's tailor-made to your preferences and needs. We constantly stay updated on travel trends, regulations, and destination insights, often working behind the scenes to handle any unexpected challenges that might arise during your trip.


By charging these fees, we can maintain our commitment to providing exceptional service, leveraging our industry relationships to secure exclusive benefits and ensuring your travels are seamless, memorable, and stress-free. In essence, the service fee is an investment in expertise, convenience, and peace of mind.


What you Get


To begin researching and creating a proposal tailored to your travel needs, you have to select a Travel Planning Package and submit payment for the applicable fee of your chosen package. If by any chance the Client decides to not proceed with using our travel services, the initial Travel Planning Fees paid will be forfeited and will not be reimbursed. Our Travel Planning Fees are not reimbursable, non-transferrable and cannot be applied to any future travel package.

Below find a list of services that are included when you engage us as your travel planner:


Research - We diligently explore top suppliers to find optimal hotels, airfares, cruises, tours, and other travel-related services tailored to your needs and preferences.


Booking/Changes, Itinerary and Documentation - We oversee the complete organization of your travel, from coordinating flights, hotels, and tours to managing check-ins. We provide a custom electronic itinerary, with printed versions available for a $25 administrative fee. Should you require itinerary adjustments pre or mid-journey, we'll facilitate the process, noting that supplier fees may apply. All travel details are re-confirmed pre-departure, with hands-on assistance available throughout your trip.


Special Offers Access - Our robust supplier relationships potentially grant you exclusive travel agent rates, additional amenities, or upgrades, if and when available.


Destination Requirement Verification - We share resources to help you determine essential travel requirements, including visas, vaccinations, and other entry prerequisites for your destination.


Supplier Representation and Liaison - Should any issues arise with any service provider during your trip, we'll gladly intervene on your behalf.


Emergency Intermediary - If you opt for travel coverage through Never Stop Packing Travel LLC, we act as a bridge (liaison) between you and your insurance provider during any emergencies, assisting with claims or any other urgent matters. We also can manage lost luggage claims with airlines, ensuring your belongings reach you.


Lost Travel Documents Assistance - In the event of document loss, we can assist you with digital copies of your documents, assuming you provided us with such copies prior to traveling. Printed copies are available on request.


Credit Card Processing Fees


Due to the cumulative nature of credit card processing fees, which may seem minor at first glance but add up substantially over time, clients will find these fees incorporated into all invoices and are responsible for paying them. This ensures that we can continue to deliver exceptional value without compromising on the custom-made experiences we curate for you. We have named this the charge a "convenience fee". The Convenience Fee entails of a charge of 3.5% of each invoice + a charge of $0.30 for each payment processed via credit card. We appreciate your understanding and are available to discuss any concerns or provide further clarity on this matter.



What can be Considered an Itinerary Revision?


  • Destination Changes: Adding, removing, or substituting travel destinations based on preferences, safety, or other factors.

  • Activity Adjustments: Changes to tours, events, or activities planned in the original itinerary.

  • Accommodation Updates: Changing hotels or lodging options based on feedback, availability, or budget adjustments.

  • Travel Dates: Shifting the travel dates based on client availability or to take advantage of certain events or seasons.

  • Transportation Modifications: Changes in the mode of transport, supplier, routes, or timing based on client preferences or logistical considerations.

  • Meal and Dining Options: Adding, removing, or altering dining reservations or suggestions based on dietary needs or new recommendations.

  • Budget Alterations: Adjusting the proposed expenses to align with the client's budget or updated cost estimates.

  • Duration Changes: Extending or reducing the number of days in a particular location or for the entire trip.


  • Special Requests: Incorporating any unique experiences, visits, or requirements the client might have emphasized after the initial proposal.

  • Safety and Health Measures: Updates related to health advisories, vaccination requirements, or other safety measures, especially in changing global conditions.

  • Local Experiences: Adding or removing local experiences or cultural activities based on feedback or new discoveries.

  • Backup Plans: Suggestions for alternative activities or plans in case of unforeseen circumstances, like bad weather.

  • Additional Information: Incorporating more detailed information on particular aspects of the trip, like historical background, cultural significance, or local tips, which were not included in your selected travel package.


Individual Component Fees


Below find a list of trip components and their corresponding revision fees. These fees are applicable for each change and/or cancellation of each component.


  • Airfare (Domestic or International) | $25 for each reservation (no matter the number of people in the reservation)

  • Hotel / Resort | $25 per reservation 

  • Rail / Car Rental | $25 per reservation 

  • Land Excursions / Tours | $25 for up to 2 excursions/tours reservations

  • Theme Parks | $25 per park 

  • Ground Transportation | $25 per ride

  • Hotel / Airport Transfers | $25 per roundtrip 

  • Ancillary Services (Reservations at restaurants, concerts, theater tickets, etc.) | $25 per reservation

  • Reservation Changes | $25 per transaction

  • Coordinating/Purchasing Travel Insurance | $25 per policy

  • Full Trip Cancellation | $50

  • Additional Proposal Revisions | $25 for each trip component (ex. hotel, flights, transportation, reservations, etc.). This would be in addition to any change or cancellation fees each supplier may charge you separately.

  • Printed Itineraries & Documents |$25

For a full description of our services and fees read our Terms & Conditions.


Payment Methods

Our Travel Planning Packages and fees may be payable via direct invoice, with a credit card, or through any the below payment methods:



Venmo:   https://account.venmo/u/NSPTravel



If you cannot submit the fee payment through any of the above payment methods, please contact us to make other payment arrangements. Charges that are for Supplier services such as hotels, resorts, cruises, flights, etc., must be paid via direct invoice only, in addition to any fee applicable.


Charges will be reflected in your credit card statement either as Never Stop Packing Travel LLC (the Agency) or in the name of any supplier (airline, hotel, cruise line, etc.) used to book the travel components of the Client's vacation.

For more information read our Terms & Conditions.

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