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our process & fees

I'm sure you are wondering what's our process and how does everything work.  Below the process we follow when we engage with our clients:

Step #1- Schedule a Vacation Planning Session


We will schedule a Vacation Planning Session with you to discuss what your travel needs are and what you're expecting out of your vacation.  We will briefly discuss some travel recommendations for your trip based on the information we gather from this call. This information will help us know if we are a good match to work with each other and if we can be of assistance.


Step #2 - Sign Engagement Letter


After our Vacation Planning Session, if you are interested in engaging with us and proceeding with our travel planning services, we will send you our "New Client Engagement Letter", where it will describe the services we will provide you throughout your vacation planning process and it will also describe what is our Vacation Planning Session Fee and what it consists of.


Step #3 - Research and Planning Begins

After receiving your signed engagement letter and the payment of our Vacation Planning Session Fee of $125, we will proceed and begin conduction all the research with our different suppliers, based on your travel needs. After doing our research and communicating with our suppliers, we will create a couple of itineraries that will fulfill your travel needs, from which you will select the itinerary that best works for you. This process can take up to 7 days, depending on the type of itinerary and travel needs.


Step #4 - Time to Book your Trip


Once you select your itinerary, we will proceed in booking all pertaining parts of your trip with the corresponding suppliers, and making all the reservations required to complete your trip.


Step #5 - Confirmations go Out


Once all of your bookings and reservations are done, we will send you all of the confirmation numbers and/or links to information of any country requirements during your trip.


Why charge a $125 Vacation Planning Fee?

In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a $125 Vacation Planning Service Fee is required before the start of our engagement, and this fee is non- refundable, non-transferrable and is not a deposit towards your trip. This fee applies to individual reservations with a travel party of up to six (6) travelers.   If your travel party has seven (7) or more travelers, it will be considered a group booking and our Group Planning fee is $250.


Services you get for the Vacation Planning Fee


When you make the great decision of hiring us as your travel agent and vacation planner, you will get the following services:

Vacation Planning Session

During this session we will discuss your travel needs and budget so we can prepare a proposal that will meet your travel needs.




Research among our top suppliers to find the right hotel, airfare, cruise, tours and any other ancillary services or products that meet your travel needs.

Booking/Changes, Itinerary and Travel Documentation

Organize your travel from beginning to end including, but not limited to, coordinating airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, tours, make reservations for ancillary services such as restaurants, create a detailed itinerary and handle all check-ins (where applicable).  


Preparation of a personalized itinerary based on your needs.  Your itinerary and travel documents will be provided in electronic format.  Printed travel documentation will be provided upon request and will incur in an administrative fee of $25 per document packet.

If you need to make any changes to your itinerary before and/or during your trip, we will gladly assist. Itinerary changes may be subject to fees and/or penalties from suppliers. All components of your trip itinerary will be re-confirmed prior to your departure. We will provide you with personalized assistance, before and during your trip.

Access to Special Offers


Thanks to the relationship we have with our suppliers, we may be able to get you special travel agent rates, extra amenities and/or upgrades that are only provided to travel advisors, whenever possible.

Verification of Destination Requirements

Provide you with links where you can find information for any documentation required by your destination country such as tourist visa requirements, vaccination requirements and any other entry requirements needed, in order to comply with the country's regulations. 

Representation and Liaison with Suppliers


In the case that anything may go wrong during your trip, such as you having any issues with any of the suppliers that will providing you their services, we will handle the situation on your behalf. 

Emergency Intermediary


We can become your emergency intermediary with your travel insurance company, if the need may arise, and you need to submit a claim or contact them in case of any emergency during your trip. This applies only if you purchase travel coverage with Never Stop Packing Travel, LLC. 

In case of any lost luggage, we can submit the claim to the airline, track the lost luggage and coordinate with the airline for it to arrive at the right location.

Loss of Travel Documents


We can provide you digital copies of your travel documents in case of loss during your trip. You will also have access to your travel documents through our client portal, which you have to activate. Printed travel packets will provided upon request

Booking Fees for Individual Components

Our Vacation Planning Service fee of $125 will cover everything mentioned above. In the case that you only need to book one or more of the following individual components or ancillary services, these will incur in the following fees:


  • Airfare (Domestic or International) | $25 per ticket/per person

  • Hotel / Resort | $25 per reservation 

  • Rail / Car Rental | $25 per reservation 

  • Land Excursions / Tours | $25 for up to 2 excursions/tours 

  • Theme Parks | $25 per park 

  • Ground Transportation | $15 per ride

  • Hotel / Airport Transfers | $25 per roundtrip 

  • Ancillary Services (Reservations at restaurants, concerts, theater tickets, etc.) | $25 per reservation

  • Reservation Changes | $25 per transaction

  • Coordinating Travel Insurance | $15 per policy


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Feel free to reach out with any questions. Book a complimentary Vacation Planning Session at whatever day or time fits your schedule. I am here to serve YOU!


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