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Xcaret Park - Save up to 25% off the adult ticket price

Xcaret Park

Riviera Maya


Book By:

Dec 31, 2023

Travel Dates:

NOW - Dec 31, 2023


XCARET PARK is a water, theme, amusement, eco-archaeological park and more, all in one place, that celebrates Mexico's present and rich past, a country know for its traditions, culture and folklore.

Check out their current offers:

+ Bundle up to 2 Different Parks/Tour Packages (Transportation & Admission) and get 15% OFF

+ Bundle up to 3-4 Different Parks/Tour Packages (Transportation & Admission) and get 20% OFF

+ Children from ages 5-11 enjoy up to 25% off the adult ticket price

+ Infants up to 4 years old enter free

Xcaret is a park where you can find culture, natural sites, water attractions, and the best of Mexico, all in one place. Due to its privileged location in the Maya jungle among underground rivers, cenotes, and facing the Caribbean Sea, Xcaret has impressive scenarios where you can enjoy different activities to the fullest. Xcaret is a park that celebrates Mexico’s present and rich past, a country known for its traditions, culture, and folklore. 


Explore and visit the Mayan Village, the Butterfly Pavilion, and be surprised by its Aviary, a natural sanctuary where birds interact freely. Your visit is completed until you enjoy a taste of Mexican gastronomy at one of our remarkable restaurants that you can choose from, and enjoy Xcaret Mexico Espectacular presentation with more than 300 artists on stage.  

Xcaret is the most emblematic attraction, a park for the whole family in the heart of Riviera Maya! 

Underground Rivers 

Swim through a maze of caves and tunnels, lit by natural light from air vents. Here are three underground rivers in Xcaret to choose from: the Blue River, the Mayan River, and the Manatee River. The three of them flow into the sea, next to mangroves inhabited by pink flamingos.  

  • The rivers of Xcaret flow about 16.4 ft below the ground. 

  • They have an extension of 656 yards approximately and an average depth of 5 ft. 

  • You will find intermediate exits, in case you want to finish your tour before the end. 

  • The use of a life jacket is mandatory, it allows you to float comfortably throughout the course.



Enter a sanctuary of colorful plumages and paradisiacal songs. Contemplate the beauty of the scarlet and great green macaws, the toucan with its colorful beak, and the imposing king vulture. The Aviary is the result of many years of research. Natural habitats were created to allow the development of more than 1,500 Mexican birds, some of them in danger of extinction. 


“Bridge to Paradise” Mexican Cemetery

This spiral cemetery has seven levels that symbolize the days of the week, and 52 steps, which represent the weeks in a year, while its 365 tombs are a representation of the days of the year. Discover the personality of each tomb by its tonalities, adornments, and singular epitaphs. It is a valuable place of Mexican culture and its relationship with the Day of the Dead tradition.  

Coral Reef Aquarium


Admire beautiful coral specimens at Xcaret’s Coral Reef Aquarium, in special ponds with windows that allow you to see underwater. See more than 5,000 marine organisms, among which you can see jellyfish, snails, goldfish, rays, and starfish. 


Xcaret México Espectacular 

Take a seat in the impressive Gran Tlachco Theatre, that gathers more than 300 artists on stage to take you into a journey through the history of Mexico, going from the pre-Hispanic era to the time of the Spanish conquest, Colonial times, the Independence of Mexico and the Revolution, finally arriving to present–day Mexico, a country with an age-old mixture of culture and traditions that have lasted through the ages. 

Check out the park's flyer below:

Xcaret Park
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