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Xoximilco - Save up to 25% off the adult ticket price


Riviera Maya


Book By:

Dec 31, 2023

Travel Dates:

NOW - Dec 31, 2023


XOXIMILCO is a fun and complete Mexican party that kids and adults can enjoy on a Mexican gondola enlivened by a witty host, a mariachi, and traditional Mexican music. Try the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine and more on board a floating party!

Check out their current offers:

+ Bundle up to 2 Different Parks/Tour Packages (Transportation & Admission) and get 15% OFF

+ Bundle up to 3-4 Different Parks/Tour Packages (Transportation & Admission) and get 20% OFF

+ Children from ages 5-11 enjoy up to 25% off the adult ticket price

+ Infants up to 4 years old enter free

Live the joy of the Mexican culture, customs, and traditions through music, dance, games, and food in an excursion on board colorful Mexican Gondolas across unique scenery from Mexico accompanied by family, friends, and an animated host. Enjoy this magic place that pays tribute to the World Heritage Site in Mexico City. A park for all the family, recommended age to access the park 5 years old.


A culinary experience menu, that includes appetizers, seven different flavors of Mexican Cuisine and nine desserts.


​​First Course:


  • Vallarta ceviche, Huitlacoche, Guacamole, Quesillo, Pico de gallo, Bean dip, Dried fish and fried crickets, Tortilla chips, Chicharron (fried pork).


Second Course:


  • Chicken with mole, Tikin xic fish, Skirt steak fajitas, Tamarind Shrimp, Cochinita pibil, Mexican rice, Valladolid pork loin.




  • Corn flan, Milk caramel, Coconut candy, Pine nut roll, Amaranth sweet, Wafers, Oaxaca milled chocolate, Tamarind candy, Coffee



Mexican Carnival

The curtain of a great night is lifted from the very first second you arrive at Xoximilco. Before boarding the Mexican Gondola enjoy a traditional Mexican carnival with a lot of games, as well as a musical surprise to get you in the mood. Your party night at Xoximilco starts here.


Mexican Gondola

Join the party with the joy and ambiance of Mexico. Your experience in Xoximilco Cancun includes a delicious dinner with the best Mexican cuisine, tequila, beer, soft drinks and freshwater open bar, live music with a great variety of music genres to dance and sing to all night and a host that will make sure you enjoy every moment.


 Music & Dance

At every good party, the music makes the difference, and at Xoximilco you will dance to the sound of the most representative genres of Mexican music: norteño, ranchero, marimba and of course, you will feel and discover the identity of a whole country and get to know why the Mariachi is an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.


  • Restrooms, changing rooms, showers, lockers and a towel

  • Other services (WiFi, ATMs and shops)

  • Free parking

Check out the park's flyer below:

Download PDF • 8.18MB

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