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Xplor Park

Riviera Maya, Mexico

SAVE 20% when you purchase entrances for any 2 Xcaret Parks 

SAVE 25% when you purchase entrances for 3 or more Xcaret Parks 

25% off from adult price for children 5-11 years old 

Xplor park is an all-inclusive adventure where you’ll discover amazing and millennial rock formations, plus being able to set out on activities with safe, cutting-edge equipment; fly through the jungle treetops on the tallest circuits in Riviera Maya with 14 zip-lines; drive fun amphibious vehicles through the exotic Caribbean jungle trails, where grottoes, caves, and bridges will fill your engine with adrenaline along 6.2 miles.  

Descend into the depths of the Earth and explore the underground world full of stalactites and stalagmites, whether walking, swimming, paddling with your hands on a raft; try our new activity, Underground Expedition, where you’ll be exploring, sliding, and having fun in an adventure below the surface, surrounded by crystal-clear water and jaw-dropping caverns. Freedom begins at Xplor, experience the most amazing adventure for the whole family in the heart of Riviera Maya! 


Stalactite River Swim 

Swim, float, and submerge on underground rivers that nature has created under the Earth. As you swim along this stalactite river, you’ll be astonished by scenery that took millions and millions of years forming itself



Surrounded by ancient rock formations, paddle with your hands onboard of fun rafts, among stalactites and stalagmites.



Two circuits of seven zip-lines each, made for a thrilling exploration. A waterslide and two refreshing water landings will get you soaking wet in the most adventurous fashion.


Amphibious Vehicles 

It will take you through two different circuits of 3 miles | 4.8 km. Along the way, you’ll find hanging bridges, narrow roads, flooded caverns, and the spectacular views of the jungle.


Hammock Splash 

It’s a great activity for those who are getting second thoughts about flying up to the highest zip-lines. It’s a lighter activity that’ll give you the confidence you need to hop on to the next circuits and have a lot of fun while you do so!


Underground Expeditions  NEW !! 

It is one of the new activities. Through 800 yards (740 m), you’ll be exploring spectacular caverns in a spelunking adventure where crystal-clear waters guide the way through the depths from a foot deep up to 3.6 ft at certain spots. You’ll be able to choose the way to live this adventure in a single route with two different paths: one of calm contemplation, or one filled with fun obstacles.

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