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Booking Process


How do I book a trip/package?  You can either call or email me to schedule a Vacation Planning Session call where we will discuss your travel needs and offer you the best Travel Planning Package that fits your needs.


Can I customize my itinerary?  Of course, itineraries can be customized. Itineraries will always be customized to fit your needs.


What's included in the package price?  I offer several different types of Travel Planning Packages, all at a different price.  Prices goes accordingly with the services provided on each package.



What payment methods do you accept?  Payments for the Travel Planning Package Fees can be made through the invoice received via any of the major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover OR via Venmo, Paypal or CashApp.  All Supplier deposits, partial or full payments will be paid via credit card through the invoice received.


When is the final payment due?  Payments are payable on the due date you will have on your invoice.


Are there any hidden fees or charges?  There is Convenience Fee, which is the credit card processing fees we get charged for processing your payments, and are comprised of a charge of 4.5% of each invoice + a charge of $0.30 for each payment processed via credit card. In order to keep these fees as low as possible for you, these fees will only be charged to the Travel Planning Package fees.  Supplier deposits and payments will not be charged the Convenience Fee, whenever possible.

Cancellations and Refunds


What is your cancellation policy?  In the case of trip cancellation, any Travel Planning Package fees will not be reimbursed nor are they transferrable.  As for any cancellation fees the Supplier(s) may charge you, will vary depending on each Supplier's cancellation policy.  Supplier cancellation fees will be notified to you as soon as we learn of such fees upon notifying the supplier(s).


Do I get a refund if I cancel?   Travel Planning Package fees are not refundable. Refund availability, if any, for each component of your trip will be notified to you as soon as we process the cancellation with each supplier.


Travel Insurance

Do you offer travel insurance?  We offer our clients the option of purchasing travel insurance to insure your trip investment, which is highly recommended. You will need to sign a waiver where you will indicate if you are interested or not in purchasing travel insurance.  For those interested, we will prepare a quote from our supplier(s) and prices will vary depending on the trip total, age and state of residence of those covered.

What does the insurance cover? Travel insurance provides coverage for:


  • Lost/delayed luggage
  • Missed flights

  • Cancelled Flights

  • Illness while traveling

  • Personal Property Loss

  • Medical Emergency 

  • Natural Disasters 

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Death


The above is not a comprehensive list of everything covered by travel insurance.  Coverage will vary on the insurance company and policy purchased.


Is insurance mandatory?  Travel insurance is not mandatory, but highly recommended.


Safety and Health


Do I need any vaccinations for this destination?   If you require vaccinations to your destination, you will receive the links to resources where you can confirm what are the visiting country's entry requirements.


How do you handle medical emergencies during a trip?  If you come across an emergency during your trip, your first step is to contact your travel insurance company and get the help you need. If you need any assistance submitting any insurance claims, I will gladly help.



What type of accommodations do you offer?  I can help you find the right accommodations that will fit your needs, from budget hotels to luxurious five-star resorts.


Do you accommodate special requests (e.g., dietary, mobility)?  If you, or anyone in your travel party, has special requests, I will gladly coordinate with the supplier to best accommodate special requests, whenever possible.



What transportation methods are used during the trip?  I can provide assistance coordinating any type of transportation you may need during your trip, whether it be airport transfer, car service or bus transportation for a group.



What travel documents do I need?  We will notify you of any documentation needed in order to book airfare or accommodations.  If there is a need for tourist visas to your destination, we will provide you with resources where you can coordinate the visa, or we can handle it for you for a fee.


Trip Specifics


What's the average group size?  We consider a reservation a group reservation for a travel party with over 8 guests.

Can I book a private tour?   We can help coordinate private tours through any of our great suppliers.

What should I pack for my trip?   You can find several packing lists on our website at


Loyalty Programs or Discounts


Are there any ongoing promotions or deals? You can learn of our ongoing promotions by visiting our website at or signup to our newsletter where you will get an update on the latest promotions and specials.


Feedback and Reviews

Where can I read reviews from past travelers? Your happy feedback will be greatly appreciated.  You can leave a review and feedback through Google here.


How can I leave feedback after my trip? Feel free to send us your trip feedback via email here and let us know how your trip went. We want to hear what went well and what you would improve, if it applies.

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