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Top Travel Packing Tips

Going on holiday can be thrilling. What’s not so exciting? The planning and packing beforehand. Whether you’re a last-minute packer or a precision planner, you won’t want to miss these tips, hacks, and favorite products to make packing (and traveling!) a dream.

Packing 101

A favorite of frequent travelers, rolling your clothing maximizes space and minimizes wrinkles. Lay your tops face down, fold in the sleeves, and then roll from the bottom. Fold your pant legs together and then roll from the waist down. Place all rolled items in your suitcase first, then add in your shoes, accessories, and finally add your oddly shaped items such as hair tools.

If you’re a frequent traveler (and love organization) you may want to invest in packing cubes to keep items in your suitcase organized, and reduce the likelihood of your clothes going topsy-turvy courtesy of rough baggage handlers.

Leave some room in your suitcase if you know you’ll be shopping or bringing back souvenirs, or better yet – pack a tote or small duffel bag for that explicit purpose.

Outfit Strategies

Know you’ll be meeting friends right off the plane? Traveling to a different climate than what you left behind? Having an outfit accessible in your carry-on bag means you can change on the plane or at the airport upon your arrival and gives you at least one destination-appropriate outfit if your luggage gets lost.

Speaking of outfits, pack by the outfit – not by the piece. Packing a mini capsule wardrobe allows for interchangeable outfits, every piece being worn, and will keep you from accidentally overpacking. Consider the types of activities you’ll be participating in, and whatever you do – bring a pair of comfortable shoes.

Must-Have Items

From keeping your coffee hot on the plane to keeping your water ice cold on a day-long hike, an insulated bottle is a traveler’s best friend – and reusable bottles are allowed to pass through airport security, provided that they’re empty.

Depending on where you’re traveling, you may not have access to laundry facilities, or simply not want to use them. To keep your soiled items separate from your unworn (and fresh-smelling) clothing, pack a small laundry bag. For quick touch-ups, a Tide To Go pen (or similar mini stain remover) works wonders in saving you from spills. When spot-treating simply won’t do the trick, Tide Travel Sink Packets (or similar brand) are small but pack a mighty punch. Just squeeze one into the sink with your dirty laundry, and wash away.

Having mini’s of your favorite and most-used toiletries will save you space, and keep your skin happy maintaining its routine. You can purchase refillable empties and fill them up, or hoard your favorite minis and samples until your next trip.

In 2021 and beyond, ensuring you have adequate PPE items are a must. From spare masks to hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes – your carry-on bag stocked with COVID-ready essentials means you won’t be fumbling at the gate or requesting a spare mask when boarding.

For more packing tips, and to book your next vacation, contact me here!


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