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Airline Review: Norse Atlantic Airways

On May 2023, I decided to take a trip to Europe using three international economy airlines that have recently started giving service to/from the United States. In this post, I will give my review on Norse Atlantic Airways.

Norse started flying from Europe to the U.S. earlier this year, 2023. They currently fly from the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany & France to:

  • East Coast - New York, Boston, Washington DC, Orlando & Fort Lauderdale

  • West Coast - San Francisco & Los Angeles

Airplane Cabin

  • 2 aisle airplane with 3-3-3 rows of seats

  • Seats are a little less (not much) cushioned than JetBlue but comfortable enough for a long haul flight

Customer Service Counter

There will be Norse personnel in the line measuring your personal item bag and your carry-on luggage, as well as weighing your carry-on bag. If your personal item exceeds their measurement and weigh, policy you will have to pay for it as a carry-on.

Economy Cabin

Leg space in economy is comparable with a Delta comfort plus seat. Seat width is maybe 1-2 inches less than the usual, which may prove a bit uncomfortable if you have someone with large body type sitting next to you. The seat cushioning is pretty standard.

Entertainment is pretty good and they have a pretty recent film inventory and the airplane seems to be an updated model.

Windows are large with dimmers to tint it when you want it to be dark. There are no window shades.

Norse does not offer any free travel headsets, pillows or blankets. If you need any of these items you would have to purchase them. The food was good and they give you the whole can of soda 🤭. They only accept Visa or Master Card for in-flight purchases and they have a booklet selling duty free items like watches, pillows etc. I've never seen an airline selling these types of items during a flight, which was very interesting to see. 🤔

Would I use this airline again?

Yes, but I would purchase the premium seats, for better comfort.

Seat Comfort

Leg Space

Customer Service



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