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Airline Review: Vueling Airlines

On May 2023, I decided to take a trip to Europe using three international economy airlines. In this post, I will give my review on Vueling Airlines, airline I took from Paris, France to Barcelona, Spain.

Vueling is the largest low-cost airline in Spain, based in Barcelona, and they fly all across Western Europe.

Airplane Cabin

The flight I took from Paris to Barcelona was a short one, about 1 1/2 hours, so the plane was a small one. This airplane had only 1 aisle with 2 rows of 2 seats each, it was a small airplane used for regional (short) flights.

Customer Service Counter

Customer service was satisfactory as well as the flight attendants, nothing extraordinary.

Economy Cabin

The seats did not recline, which was a bummer, but the seat cushioning was ok. I traveled in economy so the leg space was the minimum required by law, I assume, so no space to stretch much, and much less cross your legs. Someone 6 feet or taller would be really uncomfortable. The premium class seats may have one or two more inches of leg space. Seats did not have any TV, just an ad with some promotional services.

Would I use this airline again?

Yes, for a short regional flight within Europe. I'll be able to survive it.

Seat Comfort

Leg Space

Customer Service



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